How it works

When you join The Entertainment Panel you will be asked to provide a current email address; it is to this email address that we will send surveys on various topics. Along with the link to the survey, the email will provide you with information on the length of the survey and the reward you will receive for completing it. In general a survey takes 5-10 minutes to be completed. Surveys will be sent from various companies, and can address a wide range of topics (e.g. your favourite artist, the best show you have attended, your last holiday destination etc.).

You may choose how many surveys you prefer to participate in per month (between 1-6). For every survey that you complete, you will receive a financial reward. Read more about this by clicking "Rewards" in the menu.

Being a member is on a voluntary basis and is free of charge. You are not obliged to participate in a fixed amount of surveys, and you may leave the panel whenever you wish. As a member of The Entertainment Panel, you will help us improve The O2 experience and make a difference in advertising and product development.

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